How do you manage change in a life-changing business?

Clinigen’s unique way of getting medicines to the patients who need them has made it one of the UK’s fastest-growing companies and a high profile member of the AIM market. 


Through a group of specialist but complementary businesses, Clinigen ensure the right drugs get to the right patients at the right time, all over the world. It’s complex, life-changing work. Clinigen looked to us to drive their digital channels as lead generation tools.

But they also needed a team who could offer specialist, proactive advice and support to their nascent investor relations team. To do this, we had to understand a completely original business model while getting to grips with the pharmaceuticals/biotech and healthcare professional markets.

How do you gain a deep understanding of a business to build a lasting and productive relationship?


Back in 2014, Clinigen Group comprised three businesses, which targeted pharmaceutical/biotech companies and healthcare professionals.

As this was a relatively young corporate entity, all of the businesses shared a single website. This led to a complex user experience. If we were to generate new business leads for them, we knew we had to serve Clinigen's audiences better and cut through a confused information architecture.

Working with Clinigen’s CEO, Deputy CEO and senior representatives from each business, we gained a full understanding of the complexity of the group and the needs of each business. After this thorough process of stakeholder engagement, we proposed a fundamental change to the website structure.

One of our main priorities when choosing a digital partner was to find a team who could understand the complexity of our business and help our senior team make decisions that might have far-reaching consequences.


First, we took their business-led architecture and redesigned it in a way that put audiences first. By using a cascading menu, we provided each user with direct access to the relevant service they were looking for.

Moreover, we ensured that user journeys were transparent, so we could record them, measure how they changed and use this information to create an even better experience.

Providing a structural fix was only half the challenge. To create a more intuitive user interface, Clinigen Group’s brand identity needed a refresh. So we adjusted the brand’s colour palette and designed a whole new family of logos. This is a great example of a brand identity being optimised to work hard in a digital world. We also embarked on a full content strategy and message mapping process. This distinguished what was aimed at customers from what was intended for a corporate audience.

Phase one went ‘live’ in Autumn 2014, but the story doesn’t end there. In 2015, Clinigen completed two transformative acquisitions and announced a strategic partnership that would enhance their US proposition. They were now a global business.

Meanwhile, Emperor had just been appointed to produce Clinigen’s Annual Report and Accounts. When the time came to update the website, this was an enormous advantage. We had the best seats in the house.

The Clinigen Group had grown from three businesses to five, which meant it had a deeper and more detailed investor story to tell. Our first big challenge was to see if the existing website architecture would accommodate so much change. And, with a bit of work, it did. So as Clinigen got on with integrating the new businesses, we conducted a content audit of the entire site.


Having Emperor on hand with their deep knowledge of our business took a real burden from my shoulders while we were busy consolidating internal functions and processes. We’re now looking forward to building on the strong platform we have in place.

- ANDY RUSIN / Group Head of Branding and Communications

We reviewed existing content and updated messaging in line with other channels, primarily the annual report and acquisition presentations. Changes to the business model also affected the customer propositions, so we also flagged more nuanced areas that needed to be addressed.

Close and intelligent collaboration with Clinigen accelerated some complex tasks enormously. Our work with them continues apace.


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