How do you energise a power company?

Drax is one of the UK’s biggest names in power generation, typically meeting 7–8% of the nation’s increasing electricity demand.


In its 2015 Annual Report, the business needed to communicate ‘The Drax Solution’ – explaining how it is moving away from coal and converting its power stations to produce fast, affordable and reliable renewable energy.

After winning a six-way pitch, Emperor rose to the challenge energetically. We knew that Drax employees would be key to delivering every aspect of 'The Drax Solution'. We also understood that the company could only achieve its goal by winning the right support, particularly from government. Equipped with this insight, we set out to create our own innovative solution.

What does it take to explain a complex idea in a way that engages everyone?


Our core messages needed to be consistent with findings from research conducted by Drax. This had investigated stakeholder attitudes around coal, energy and other relevant areas.

We knew that the language we used had to strike a delicate balance. It needed to address the interplay of supply, affordability and low carbon (also known as the energy trilemma). It had to explain the issues with coal. Not least, it had to show how Drax had found an answer in sustainably sourced biomass.

We framed The Drax Solution appropriately but boldly – introducing the key messages from the very beginning of the report in a section called 'What's our solution?'. And to highlight the importance of Drax employees throughout, we featured case studies that showed how key people were involved at every stage.

We also produced a comprehensive business model. This showed how Drax would create value at each stage, what the key inputs are, and what the outputs would be for different stakeholders.

Within the sustainability section, we explored the processes, policies and actions needed to source biomass energy. All of this was possible because we worked closely with the Drax team and several other stakeholders, holding extensive conversations about what the best approach would be. What’s more, the design of the report happened in harmony with our strategic thinking, resulting in one efficient process.


Emperor's report was designed with intelligence and delivered with expertise. It allowed us to effectively and clearly communicate several key messages to our wide range of stakeholders.

- ANDREW BROWN / Director of Communications, Drax

Our comprehensive report showed how Drax is addressing the increasing demand for energy through innovative thinking and the input of every employee. We crafted a creative approach that complemented the company's solution and made it easy to understand for a wide audience. At the same time, we produced the company's most integrated report yet. The key messages run throughout, in everything from leadership statements, to the business model and the operational review.


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