How do you go further for graduates?

DWF is an award-winning top 20 law firm with a reputation for focusing on business results as much as its legal advice. Its brand promise rests on the phrase ‘go further’. This boundary-pushing theme is reflected both in the tone of voice it uses in written communications and the visual style it employs across marketing materials.


Set against the backdrop of an ever-changing legal landscape and increased competition, DWF needed its brand to work harder than ever to attract talent.

The firm had to connect with a savvy and ambitious generation of graduates that expects and demands more from its prospective employers. 

How do you approach an audience that expects a personally tailored experience?


Millennial graduates are looking for personal experiences. They’re the ‘sharing generation’ – fervent communicators who look for evidence of what is valuable to them. They seek peer-to-peer experiences and assurance, and are used to communications which are attuned to their needs and preferences. In other words, it’s all pull, not push.

With this in mind, we took a personal, invitational approach – encapsulated by the phrase “Be different. #bedwf”. Our engaging brochures highlighted the difference the firm offers in an inclusive, aspirational and ambitious way. We wrote copy that spoke to these graduates’ sense of self-worth, but which also created a sense of support and guidance. Not least, we explored the idea of standing out, being different and changing perceptions.

We created the hashtag #bedwf as a means of aligning our campaign to the team’s Facebook page. In addition, we produced pop-up stands and adverts for the firm’s presence at university fairs.


increase in Facebook comments in
the first month of the campaign


places booked for our open days

video case study


We’re super proud of our training contract and are constantly recognised for it. This stand-out creative says we can give graduates exactly the experience to kick-start their careers that they’re looking for. Emperor understands our business and helps our brand work harder for us. When we launched this campaign we saw a 200% increase in Facebook comments in the first month. Our open days are all booked up. We always have a lot of interest at the law fairs we attend and ‘Be different. #bedwf’ has become part of our recruitment team toolbox.



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