How do you fashion a boutique IPO?

Jimmy Choo has a unique, powerful and globally recognised brand. In 2014 the company took the decision to list on the London Stock Exchange.


We assisted Jimmy Choo on a pitch process to find a partner agency for the next phase of the company’s growth. 

Emperor were invited to pitch among a roster of agencies for their printed annual report and corporate website.

Jimmy Choo had invested a great deal of time and effort in their retail brand, using high-profile brand ambassadors to promote their shoes, bags and fragrances. They have a high profile within the fashion industry, one that has enabled strong growth and a loyal, devoted following. However, as Jimmy Choo is perceived as a boutique fashion business, our first questions were centred around how effective its brand would be within a new 'plc' territory.

How do you introduce a globally recognised brand to a business audience without losing the boutique essence that made it such a success?


Emperor have worked with many newly listed businesses that have extremely strong and recognisable retail brands.

This was a valuable opportunity to apply our knowledge on a significantly bigger scale. We began with a thorough analysis of Jimmy Choo's entire brand. It was important that we gained an understanding of the available visual assets that would help us tell a compelling, relevant investor story.

Articulating the differences between the consumer and business audiences would be key to the success of investor communications. We recognised that a ‘one-size-fits-all brand solution’ often targets specific audiences at the expense of others.

Investors have different needs. Understanding this and allowing flexibility within the brand would make all the difference when it came to telling a clear, engaging story.

Our initial investigation revealed Jimmy Choo didn’t have any real need for a fully fledged plc articulation of their brand. Our pitch focused on this. We were able to demonstrate that by changing the tone of some elements – such as imagery, type and colour – we could create a much more effective look and feel for a new audience.

Having met with a wide range of web and print designers, Emperor stood out to us as the only ones who properly thought through how a strongly branded business could present its corporate side, reflecting brand elements while creating a distinct corporate visual identity to avoid confusion. This deeper thinking pervades what they do, which gives us confidence they will help us to grow our corporate communication as opposed to being a simple tool for us to use.

- WILL SMITH / Director of Investor Relations (Former), Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo and Emperor have created an accessible and navigable website that beautifully reflects the luxury and playfulness of the Jimmy Choo fashion brand.


The video of how a shoe is made really brings home what the company is all about. Brilliant website.



The result was both a printed report and corporate website that passionately reflected how the business worked and took Jimmy Choo into its next phase of development. We presented the brand in a relevant, but new, way. Not only were we able to mirror their established retail brand, we also forged a plc brand that would position Jimmy Choo to a new global investor community.

The corporate website won silver in the Corporate & Financial Awards 2015 for 'Best corporate website: FTSE 250'. It also won gold for 'Best Investor Relations Site' in the International Business Awards 2015.

The printed Annual Report won bronze in the Creativity International Awards 2015 and was also nominated in The Print, Design & Marketing Awards 2015 for its Annual Report and Accounts by Emperor and Park Communications.

Both the corporate website and the Annual Report were awarded gold at the Mercury Excellence Awards.


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