How can a review inspire a nation?

Mubadala is making the ambitious vision of HH Sheikh Zayed a reality. Owned by the UAE Government, this forward-thinking investment company supports the growth of a diversified economy that’s no longer dependent on hydrocarbons.


Mubadala's goal is to create a society that offers education, health and employment to all Emiratis, and to establish world-class industries in Abu Dhabi that will drive the nation’s development. This unique organisation essentially has one shareholder; the UAE royal family.

For the third consecutive year, Mubadala looked to Emperor to produce a high quality printed review document that reflects the character, stature and achievements of this company. Our challenge was to create a design solution that not only meets the highest standards of style, tone and content – but which also provides the perfect platform to tell their inspiring and motivational stories.

What does it take to create a report that will inspire an audience like no other?


In a climate of challenging global economic forces, the report had to find a balance between reporting Mubadala’s financial performance and demonstrating its impact on UAE society.

Our creative approach had to be fluid and responsive, as content and messaging was refined and crafted throughout the development process.

Collaboration was key from start to finish.

So we built a strong relationship with the Mubadala team in Abu Dhabi, and drew on our combined, collective strengths to produce a compelling narrative. This inspired us to create an engaging and contemporary design solution that presented their diverse activities over the year and reflected their commitment to transforming a nation.


The story is only just beginning. Underpinning Mubadala’s remit is The Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, which sets the agenda for decades to come.

This is our third year of working together on their annual review. Following a successful tender process, we’re currently designing the latest review – again working closely with the Mubadala team in Abu Dhabi.


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