How can unity come from division?

TT Electronics develops innovative solutions and technologies which enable its global customers to create cutting-edge products. As this business has developed, several subsidiary brands and divisions have emerged. 


Over time, the company’s brand architecture became confusing for employees, partners and customers.

The TT Electronics parent brand lacked a compelling identity and narrative, and its associated brands felt ill-equipped to share the bigger story. One employee put it succinctly: “We are a collection of tribes under one thin corporate banner.”

Emperor’s brief was clear. TT Electronics needed a coherent, competitive positioning and expression of its group brand, brand hierarchy and communications. By delivering this we would unite the company’s employees and maximise its opportunities with customers, influencers and investors.

What does it take to bring disparate brands together as one?


After conducting 18 focus groups and 72 in-depth interviews across Europe, Asia, the USA and the UK, we gained valuable insights which shaped the solution we needed to deliver.

Employees felt that the parent company was distant, remote and hard to describe. Customers often related more closely with subsidiary brands and were unclear about their relationship with TT Electronics.

In response, we helped TT Electronics to define clear, consolidated positioning around a promise, an essence and a set of values.

From this, we created a brand architecture and styling framework that enabled subsidiary businesses to adopt the TT Electronics brand. Through this they would communicate more consistently, inspire more cross-divisional collaboration, feel one company spirit, and raise TT’s brand profile with clients across all sectors.

Inspired directly from the new brand essence, we developed the strapline ‘Make Possible’, which combines the practical with the imaginative.

Similarly, we crafted a unifying visual style. This adapted the circular device from the new brand logo to create a platform on which products could be presented. It allows TT’s innovative work to be described clearly and connects it with meaningful real-world results.


We worked with Emperor and their Brand Thinking programme, which enabled us to redefine our proposition as a global electronics business. Their people were insightful, professional and consultative and they helped us to deliver a new brand, along with a programme for internal and external communication and engagement, to help secure our future growth.

- LIZ BLAIR / Marketing Communications Director. TT Electronics

Along with comprehensive guidelines, we delivered a structured folio of identity assets. These have given TT Electronics the collective understanding and cohesive structure it needs – and employees are now equipped with the tools to align communication strategies and style across the business. The launch of a new corporate website was a particularly proud moment for the business. To achieve this, every divisional site was updated independently and all of its literature refreshed.

For the first time, TT Electronics can present itself as one consolidated business, working under one brand. Not least, the organisation can compete with conviction and character in the technology marketplace. 


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