Bland identity?

Posted in Brand on 13 November 2017 By Zoë Tisdall, Client Director

Today, against the ever-rising tide of client expectation, increased merger activity and the threat/opportunity for industry of automation, the role of professional services marketing is crucial.

In a notoriously intangible marketplace, businesses often struggle to differentiate themselves. Far too often we witness a sea of bland corporate visual branding with ‘me too’ narrative falling short on evidence to support it. Professional services brands are feeling the pressure to show the value of working with them, particularly in the face of cheaper entrants to the market. The strength of client relationships and trust has never been more important.

The strength of client relationships and trust has never been more important.

To stay ahead of the game, businesses should be at the forefront of industry trends and thought leadership – a challenge in organisations where business strategy is often disconnected from marketing strategy and KPIs. While the big players woke up to the importance of brand a while ago, they need to keep up with the pace of technological change and the emergence of products rather than traditional services. There are plenty of new kids on the block disrupting the space in every which way they can. 

Perhaps the latter explains the increase in conversations we're having around culture – because delivering a consistent experience depends on cultural alignment from the inside out. With many mergers and acquisitions there is often a meeting of minds as well as of the balance sheets – the key is to safeguard the best bits of each culture which will, in turn, drive a consistent client experience and enable a differentiated brand.



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