Name it

Posted in Brand on 8 October 2015 By Zoe Tisdall, Brand Client Director

It’s been emotional. It’s over a month since the mighty Google announced the introduction of Alphabet as the name of their publicly listed entity of which Google is now a subsidiary. 

We’ll be talking about this for a long time to come. Google is one of the biggest, most successful, game-changing, inspiring businesses we know and this is a huge change which will impact on the role of corporate brands forever more.  

How does it make you feel?

We’ve recently named a new brand and this, along with the commentary we hear and read surrounding Alphabet, serves as a reminder that firing an emotion is always the best measure of a name. Love it or hate it Alphabet is stirring up feelings and creating debate. Of the many names we presented to our client, the ideas they reacted to and argued over were the ones which sparked their imagination and emotions.

So, when you can’t see your white-board for all the post-it notes ask yourself:

  • Does the name provide a starting point to help tell your story?
  • Is it unique and ownable?
  • Is it easy to say?
  • Does it feel personal and authentic?

Choosing a name is just the start of a brand’s story and one element of its identity. As brand specialists we use industry standard practices to help inspire the naming process but when all is said and done please don’t forget the feelings…


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