The art of specialism

Posted in News on 11 May 2015 By Marc Jenks, Executive Creative Director

Perception is a tricky thing in our industry. It’s good to be known for something, being a specialist will always promise a certain type of work with a certain type of client.

During my years in the industry, I’ve seen the specialist single discipline agencies flourish and then seemingly drop away from popularity. Agencies that only do brand, or just corporate communications seem to be rarer (North being a notable exception). I’m sure this is in part due to clients having smaller internal communications teams and as a result, managing a roster of agencies proves both time-consuming and a challenge.

Emperor was born out of a vision and belief: forging a company to provide creative solutions in the maturing UK corporate communications market. Fast forward nearly 20 years and the business has remained true to its origins. However, Emperor has diversified, developing a varied client base in many sectors. The skills in the business have organically grown to suit not only the direction Emperor is heading, but also cater for clients with increasing needs for a greater breadth of services. 

One thing remains true and core to what we do: we are a creative agency at heart and both the business structure we’ve undertaken and ongoing recruitment of talent has been firmly focused on strengthening our output and producing great work.

We are known as reporting experts. This also offer us pathways into different creative challenges, from campaigns to corporate brands and websites to employee communication. So, are we still specialists? I think we are. We are seeing the rewards of our continued dedication and focus. How our creative horizons are broadening as Emperor matures and strengthens. The people across the business are a catalyst; change (for good) is inevitable. It’s exciting to think what lies ahead and discovering the experience and talents within the three studios and where this will take us - both for our three UK studios and of course, Dubai and Moscow.



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