What's the big idea? 

Posted in Brand on 8 June 2018 By David Hunt, Creative Director

If great ideas are at the core of all great (re)branding projects, how do you find yours, and then how do you articulate it?

A new branding project is an opportunity to dive into a world of discovery, which we distil into a single, central idea which inspires an approach that can expand out into all brand communuications.

In this white paper we share some techniques for finding and articulating that idea that can help build your brand and drive engagement by looking at four key areas: authenticity, differentiation, simplicity and iconography.

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What does unique look like?

Unique is an overused word in life, in business, and in communications.


Brand activation

A brand is every part of what makes your company unique. It’s made up of your look and feel – logo, tone of voice, colour palette etc – but also your leadership, your employees, your behaviours, personality and culture. All the things that touch customers’ lives to create an impression and emotional connection with a brand.