We deliver brands that are authentic, relevant and different. Substantiated with insight and intelligence - Emperor can help activate your business ambitions.

Brand services

Brand services

Insight and intelligence, brand strategy, creative platform, identity, campaigns, measurement, guardianship.

Research, audit and stakeholder engagement

Making changes to your brand shouldn’t be undertaken lightly, and building consensus among stakeholders should be a key part of the process. To help you understand your audiences and make informed decisions, we conduct a range of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, including independent third-party research.

Brand activation and engagement

The value of a brand lies in its ability to raise visibility, provoke an emotional response and change behaviours. Brand guidelines create a framework which helps to take your brand into the world. But brand activation is the art of bringing your brand to life. See our ‘Engagement’ section to find out more.

Brand identity, name generation and guidelines

Your brand should feel as personal as the clothes you wear and as natural as the home you live in. It needs to resonate with hundreds or thousands of people, across countries and cultures. Creating this isn’t easy. But the emotional response generated by a strong brand identity can be invaluable.

Digital and social-first branding

Brands thrive when they speak the same language as their audiences. We can help you create brands that are native to digital and social channels, so they never look like imposters and always feel authentic.

Employer brand

Our ability to create strong Employer Value Propositions (‘EVP’) is at the heart of our employee engagement offer. We’ll help you understand, attract, recruit, engage and retain the talent you need. We have extensive experience helping organisations gain insights, develop strategies, craft and activate truly engaging value propositions that become the essence of the employee experience and employer brand commitment.


The governance of a brand can be complicated. Guidelines help. But can you produce variations for different markets? And do you have the resources to supervise teams that are spread worldwide? As experienced brand guardians, we can help maintain the integrity of your brand.

Reporting and measurement

We can help you define and implement insightful reporting and measurement that’s aligned to your objectives. Proving the effectiveness of your activities is an essential part of our process. It’s not just about highlighting successes, but also identifying optimisation opportunities that can inform future work.

Strategy and positioning

A clever brand platform is of little value if it isn’t aligned to your business strategy in a way that consistently drives behaviours. To succeed, it needs to be authentically and meaningfully activated in the world your audiences inhabit. And if that’s a digital or social world, your brand still has to feel at home.

Tone of voice

Establishing a consistent tone of voice is often overlooked. Social media makes this even more challenging. How do you speak through images? What can a #hashtag signify? Language expresses, persuades, builds relationships and tells stories on many levels. We don’t just focus on the words, but also the channels through which they appear, and the workflow that creates them.

Templates and Training

If you want your new brand to work successfully, your teams need to keep things running smoothly. Our easy-to-use business documents and presentation templates make a real difference. Whatever stage you’re at, we can help – from auditing needs to redesigning, building, testing, deploying and training of a full library of Word and PowerPoint templates.

It was a hectic time satisfying a number of stakeholders from different continents while remaining true to the spirit of our foundations. The team managed to get under our skin and provide us with a brand which really helps us to tell our story and build our business.


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