Elton John AIDS Foundation 

Supporting a renewed fight against stigma and inequality 

Authority and expertise – accelerating the Elton John AIDS Foundation towards their vision. 

The Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) is one of the leading independent AIDS organisations in the world. It mobilises governments, the private sector and other organisations to solve inter-connected challenges that are key to ending HIV and AIDS.

Accelerating EJAF’s fundraising and partnership convening power, we evolved its brand identity to support a renewed fight against stigma and inequity.

We refined EJAF’s brand positioning by clarifying purpose, vision and its relationship with the mission. 

To reinforce the organisation’s objective, we created new guidelines with a focus on realism. Finally, its values were simplified to create coherence and ensure consistency across all EJAF communications.  

This work has allowed for more flexibility in the brand, with dynamism and energy that reflects EJAF’s authority and expertise.

Emperor have been invaluable strategic and creative partners, helping us lay the foundations for the next phase of impact and growth in this crucial fight. We recommend them highly.

Heather McCormick

Communications Director

Elton John AIDS Foundation



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