How influential can one day be?

HomeServe provides home emergency and repair services to over seven million homes worldwide.


Following its 20th anniversary, HomeServe was keen to communicate its strong vision for the next ten years and hold an event that delivered more than the average “results” presentation.

In conjunction with their financial PR advisors, the business approached Emperor to create a Capital Markets Day which would communicate a deeper understanding of their future prospects, clearly and confidently.

It had been five years since its last Capital Markets Day and there had been many developments within the business. HomeServe wanted to share its mid to long-term strategies for growth as well as strongly position the business as an ambitious international player.

Emperor were tasked with creating an event that avoided “death by PowerPoint” and delivered a real ‘’wow factor” which would inspire investors and analysts. The goal was to balance strategic content with elements that would allow stakeholders to feel fully immersed in the way the business was run.


By running a collaborative content planning workshop, we explored HomeServe’s brand essence and how the business was currently perceived. We determined how to best shift perceptions through credible and substantial evidence.

After examining strategy documentation, we conducted some writing and creative exercises to arrive at a clear positioning theme for the event. “Turning Opportunity into Growth” was an ideal articulation, reflecting HomeServe’s tenacious and entrepreneurial personality.

We worked closely with the management team to agree the content, structure and agenda for the day. Our Investor Relations team provided governance and guidance around scripting so that there was consistency in messaging and tone amongst the speakers. The business had some great stories to share. So we worked with the team to ensure we achieved the right balance of strategy sharing and interactivity.

A three hour agenda was planned including a variety of content to ensure stakeholders were informed, educated and engaged. This included video dramatisations and content to showcase partner and customer propositions. We also created two breakout rooms to showcase technical innovations (smart home devices) and an international room in which CEOs from France, Italy and Spain could share their strategies and field questions from investors.

Our creative team worked to visually articulate the event’s theme: “Turning Opportunity into Growth".

It was important to capture the energetic and entrepreneurial attributes of the business as well as communicate confidence and reassurance. The theme was expressed across everything from set and stage design through to invitations, signage, presentations and delegate badges.


Investor feedback has been positive. The consensual view is that the Capital Markets Day provided the right balance of content, as well as opportunities to interact with the leadership team and learn more about their strategies for growth. The timing and delivery of content was also favourably reviewed.

Financial analysts play an influential role in financial disclosure, informing existing and potential investors. One analyst report published after the Capital Markets Day – titled “Limitless Ambition” – was aligned with a BUY recommendation; clearly indicating that the theme of “Turning Opportunity into Growth” was fit for purpose.


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