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We worked with The Photography Movement and The Harlequins Foundation to support Lend an Ear – a campaign promoting the power of active listening in tackling mental illness.

With 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health problem in England, we joined forces with two incredible charities to raise awareness of the positive impact of listening.

The Lend an Ear campaign aims to shift attitudes and encourage individuals to listen more and listen better.

The campaign focuses on portraits of professional sportspeople, famed for their strength. These striking images highlight that everyone can be vulnerable to mental health challenges.

We created eye-catching headlines to stop members of the public in their tracks and incorporated accents of colour from The Harlequins branding to bring the key messages to life. Finally, a QR code was developed, driving people to the Lend an Ear website which offered further support and encouraged people to share the campaign.

The campaign was launched at the Harlequin’s first game of the 2022/23 season at Twickenham stadium.

Our work comprised of almost 200 pieces of collateral for use in their training grounds, community outreach work and on social channels. After the campaign launch, the following engagement stats were seen across a two week period:

- 5,541 accounts reached, 292 engaged and 695 content interactions.

- 87% more followers across social media.

- 935 views and 533 new website users.


As a squad, listening is at the core of all our activities on and off the pitch. We invest a lot of time as a group connecting and checking in on each other. Collectively we understand the power of listening and are proud to support the Lend an Ear campaign with our Foundation. It was an honour to lend our own ears to the campaign.







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