A new unified culture 

FTSE 100 powerhouse Phoenix Group underwent huge change when its sub brands came together under one umbrella.

To support Phoenix on its journey to unify its culture and expected behaviours across the group, we produced its first organisation-wide Code of Conduct.  

We reviewed the existing Code, conducted employee workshops and analysed data for attestation rates. We shifted the Code of Conduct from a mandatory compliance document to one that employees would want to refer to regularly and fully commit to.

We focused on using positive language, implementing behavioural science and neuro-design principles, and improving information recall. 

After the launch, Phoenix Group staff were surveyed about how they found the new Code of Conduct.

99.6% felt the new Code is relevant and has value for the wider business.

96% felt equipped to report a breach of the Code of Conduct after reading.

The new Code was 42% easier to read and 20% more positive in tone. 

The project recently won Best Internal Communications Strategy at the 2022 Business Culture Awards.

“It is great to see that Phoenix understands how fundamental the Code of Conduct is to culture, and how important it is for employees to engage with and buy-into the Code rather than merely comply with it. Phoenix have exemplified their culture through their Code and used this to bring together four cultures into one. They have also put employee experience at the heart of the Code and have engaged with employees to motivate them to comply.”

Judges comment at the Business Culture Awards 2022

Special thanks to the team at Emperor for partnering with us to deliver on our vision for our new Phoenix Group Code of Conduct. This was a key deliverable for the Conduct & Compliance Team in 2022, and your support was invaluable in producing our award-winning Code. I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved through our collaboration







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