How do you make employer branding fizz with energy?

A.G. Barr is the business behind some of the UK's best-loved soft drinks – including the iconic IRN-BRU. They understand that a strong employer brand can be as powerful and influential as a consumer brand. 


A.G. Barr approached us to help explain and promote the unique ingredients that make their business such an attractive place to work.

Through employee workshops and surveys, four ‘Barr Behaviours’ had been identified to help manage performance, harness activity, develop people and build strong working relationships. Our challenge was to make these an enduring and integral part of life at A.G. Barr. We needed to articulate each one in a way that every employee could identify with, then develop a range of internal communications to launch, promote and embed them. 

How do you create an employer brand that’s as iconic as your products?


Our first step was to define the personality of the employer brand and develop an inspiring tone of voice through which to express it. To do this we engaged in workshops with A.G. Barr’s HR and internal communications teams, as well as representatives from across the business.

Based on this experience and the company’s research, we decided to express the values and behaviours through individual employees. We learned that this was about building pride and making the message meaningful, relevant and authentic.

From here, we created an Employer Brand Toolkit of assets to be applied across a range of online and offline communications. This included behaviour narratives, a colour palette, and style guides covering typography, photography, icons and graphics.

We rolled out and installed a range of materials to demonstrate Barr Behaviours in action, including communications and environmental graphics. By taking a phased approach from its launch, we maintained momentum around the new internal brand.


Just five months after the launch of this internal campaign, a staff engagement survey showed an 89% awareness of Barr Behaviours amongst staff. Plus, 76% of employees responded positively to understanding what they meant to them personally, in their role.

A.G. Barr’s HR team have been very active in bringing their employer brand to life through competencies and engagement. By equipping them with the brand articulation, narratives, tone of voice, assets and guidance, we’ve helped them to efficiently and effectively adopt the scheme and make it real throughout the business. 


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