How can design revitalise your brand's health?

Allergy Therapeutics is a market-leading, pioneering immunology business with specialist experience in the research and development of allergy treatments. Their innovative work is also increasing the efficacy of immunology and cancer treatment.


After a decade of growth, Allergy Therapeutics had developed a strong product pipeline including a recently approved vaccine for grasses allergy. The time was right for them to enter the US market. However, their brand and digital estate were holding them back.

The brand no longer reflected the scale and ambition of the business, or its focus on R&D. The digital estate was fragmented, and there was little to differentiate content for their diverse stakeholders. We set to work to give them the identity and messaging they needed to take their next step.


Working closely with senior management, we brought all the relevant stakeholders together for a brand ambition workshop. This helped us develop an effective working relationship and allowed us to identify the unique qualities that sets this business apart.

We identified four key attributes; delivering convenience, transforming lives, providing specialist expertise and putting people first. Equipped with this knowledge, we built a new brand platform, including vision, mission, brand proposition and key messages for each stakeholder group.

Our semi-abstract designs highlighted the transformational nature of the treatments. We also created a new photographic library focusing on three areas: the positive effect on patients; the role of the doctor; and the specialist expertise within the business. Not least, we developed a new strapline: "Discover More", which references their strong R&D heritage through a call to action.

Regulations state that content for healthcare professionals (HCPs) must be in a separate part of the site. So we created corporate sites just for investors, partners and potential employees. This allows us to focus our messaging and simplify the user journey. Dedicated marketing websites can now promote regional services and products to the right HCPs and patients.


A total of nine sites are planned to be written in five languages. All the sites are created using a set of templates and will be managed through a single enterprise level CMS. Phase one is being rolled out now, and the remaining sites will be delivered over the next 18 months.

They listen to the business. They made a real effort to understand not just what we do but also what we plan to do. They have got to know us really well now...Emperor definitely led Allergy Therapeutics’ thinking on the branding project. It was really useful to distil the key brand messages and our CEO was really happy with the approach, the ideas, and the way it was made possible to roll out the new brand consistently across a varied group.

- SARA GOLDSBOROUGH / Allergy Therapeutics



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