How do you embrace a different way of thinking?

Chile-based copper mining group Antofagasta is the longest continuously listed business on the London Stock Exchange. It has been a constituent of the FTSE 100 since 2004. Its success is due in part to its commitment to generating value in a safe and sustainable way. 


In recent years the company has improved the quality of its annual reporting. As its performance as a company gained widespread recognition, the time came for its corporate website to start making a similarly positive impression.

Antofagasta manages the vast majority of its sustainability and recruitment initiatives in Chile through a local Spanish language website. Approximately 65% of Antofagasta’s shares are owned by interests based in Chile, but the primary audience of is London-based investors and journalists.

How do you engage and inform a professional audience that demands clarity, accessibility and ease of use?


Importantly, we didn’t view in isolation. Instead we saw it as one touchpoint in an ongoing investor relations programme that included face-to-face and email outreach. This allowed us to prioritise the online interactions that mattered most to users and were hardest to satisfy elsewhere.

It was clear that we needed to focus on delivering accessible, concise content as opposed to complex functionality. Rather than indulge in the latest design trends, we aimed to meet the content and usability needs of the audience. With that in mind, we conducted a detailed audit of the then current corporate website and other investor relation materials including recent annual reports and presentations.

Comparing these content sources to our best practice site map allowed us to produce a gap analysis. We then opened a separate, phased workstream to generate new content including diagrams and infographics.

We were also challenged to develop the Antofagasta corporate brand and establish a set of guidelines that would allow them to deliver a consistent online identity across their digital properties in Chile. Our bespoke, fully responsive design provides a future-proof solution to the rapid proliferation of mobile devices.

In addition, we conducted a capability review to understand Antofagasta’s internal skills and workflow requirements. Rather than becoming another burdensome technology platform, our intuitive digital platform would provide a service to the investor relations team.

Our new website has received terrific feedback both internally and externally from various stakeholders, with users embracing the new design and digital identity we have managed to create. The new website is a great step in harmonising our identity across various communication channels. 

We are also particularly proud to be the first plc to embrace the Financial Reporting Council’s guidelines on integrated reporting on our digital platform. This will improve the transparency of our business and also reinforce the strategy and business model of the Group, whilst providing clear sight on our economic inputs and outputs.

- PARESH BHANDERI / Investor Relations Manager


We believe this is the first UK plc website to embrace the principles of integrated reporting. It goes beyond strategy and business model content to explicitly include ‘Outcomes’ (not just ‘Outputs’) as part of the investment story.

The duration of visits has increased gradually on desktop (suggesting greater engagement) and reduced by 20% on mobile devices (suggesting access to key information is quicker and more intuitive).

Early feedback suggests that our refreshed brand identity resonates with audiences in the UK and Chile, and feels relevant to both Antofagasta’s mining and transport businesses. Project scope included all digital investor relations, rather than ‘just the website’. This has led to a joined-up approach to announcements, email outreach, online content, analytics reporting and insight generation.



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