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By providing sustainable treated water solutions, Biwater is helping to solve the planet’s most pressing water and sanitation challenges. 


Biwater is one of just a few global players in the water treatment industry offering 'total solutions'. As such, it has a vital need for a website. But had become so out of date and difficult to use, the business had started to actively divert people away from it.

This company has many engaging stories and insights to share. It incorporates expertise drawn from over 25,000 projects in more than 90 countries, while partnering with governments, companies and communities worldwide. We saw this as both a challenge and an opportunity.

As Biwater continued to grow, it had even more stories to tell. However, limited editing functionality was preventing this. Put simply, the company needed a stronger, focused yet flexible online presence. We couldn’t wait to get the ideas flowing.


We knew the key to success would be to ensure the complexity and benefits of Biwater’s services were easily understood by a wide-ranging, global audience. This meant engaging with everyone from international media to foreign governments and prospective employees.

We began by getting to grips with everything Biwater provides, from desalination to water treatment. We also explored where it operates, discovered the company’s excellent technology, and took note of its pride in being British-born – which tied neatly into its 50-year anniversary.

To help us create more visually-oriented design, we mapped all projects. This allowed us to create a template for case studies. This included video, iconography, statistics and images, so the major detail of each project can be seen at glance and easily shared using social media.

While Biwater operates in 90 countries, its comms are coordinated through a one-person team. So we provided another template to make capturing, auditing and producing market information easier. Not least, we provided copywriting and video editing to shape content consistently.


Biwater’s new website was launched in time for its 50th anniversary and the business is actively inviting its customers to explore it.

The theme of excellence flows throughout. Audience time has increased dramatically, with people particularly staying longer to read the new case studies which span everywhere from Singapore to Morocco to Nicaragua.

After introducing a new careers section, which includes online application feature, the business has already reported an upsurge in global applications. Our next steps include focusing on innovation and why the future of R&D is really important.

Emperor acted as an extension of our team here at Biwater and helped us to successfully deliver a very high-profile project. We can now confidently direct our clients, partners and suppliers to our online proposition which truly represents the business, heritage and breadth of expertise.



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