How do you show purpose in action?

As the largest provider of consumer fixed-line voice and broadband services in the UK, BT has been a household name for decades.


BT is a leading organisation in its sector for sustainability reporting, and the launch of its Purpose Report was to mark a new phase in its journey.

The Purpose Report needed to reflect BT’s recognisable brand imagery and Annual Report guidelines. But the content in the Purpose Report needed to break from convention: outlining BT’s goals to create shared value for society, the environment, people and business – and showing how purpose underpins its approach and business model.

How could we use BT’s existing brand guidelines and story to show purpose in action?


Bringing the Purpose Report to life required us to demonstrate how purpose informs everything BT does – from sustainability strategy through to corporate goals and objectives.

We presented BT’s wider business strategy within the context of sustainability and purpose. This meant re-positioning the business model to show the role purpose plays in helping BT use the power of communications to 'Make a Better World'.

We continued to enhance reporting disclosure by strengthening BT’s materiality disclosure and other key reporting elements: creating new infographics to show how sustainability issues are being tackled and how BT is responding to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


BT’s constant evolution is what makes its sustainability reporting stand out. By using engaging content that matches the wider company’s brand, the Purpose Report shows how BT is living and breathing its purpose throughout the year.



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