Going beyond with integrated reporting

After the appointment of a new CEO and a high-profile brand launch, 2020 was always going to be a significant year for BT. Its bold new ambition, Beyond Limits, not only put sustainability at the heart of its strategy, but also opened up new possibilities for the way it reported on performance and social impact.


As a dynamic technology and telecommunications company, BT has diverse audience groups. Their launch of 5G, provision of free digital training for 10 million people and an emergency response to extreme flooding were just some of the major stories that needed to be told. By March, all of us were in lockdown – and the company’s response to COVID-19 was major news too.

Our challenge was to reflect all this throughout their reporting suite, using BT’s new brand and ambition, Beyond Limits, as our inspiration. It was the springboard we needed to design an integrated solution. One that would go above and beyond to get the right content to the right people.


BT’s financial and sustainability stories were closely entwined, and while the main reports were largely compliance led, the online review became our opportunity.

It pushed the boundaries, integrating engaging content in one space. We put the reader in control; with subject filters, simple navigation and an interactive design that combined video, imagery and text with real impact.

The review is no longer just pages of facts, figures and narratives, it has become a reader’s opportunity to directly connect with stories that are relevant and relatable.


It has been an exceptional year for all of us. At BT, we continue to innovate and invest in what matters most: providing the products and connectivity that people, families, businesses and communities need to fulfil their potential. To tell that story we needed to change our online approach by developing an integrated, story-led annual review. The result is a dynamic showcase that brings our strategy to life through the many projects, programmes and initiatives that we have undertaken.

Sandra Gonzalez Parkinson / Senior Manager, Operations and Production, BT Group plc

The Beyond Limits ambition was an invitation to push things further across the whole suite of reporting, connecting print to digital and creating an online review that visitors actively want to explore. This was a valuable opportunity to show how a new brand can be developed and applied in ways that had never been considered. 

At a time when people count on communications more than ever before, we worked with BT to step out of the comfort zone and create something truly meaningful. As a result, we’ve been able to show the impact this iconic company is delivering to individuals, communities, businesses and the UK.


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