Too challenging, too risky, too true. 

There are few broadcasters whose very reason to exist is to have as much impact socially as possible. Channel 4 can only deliver against this remit by understanding, addressing and even celebrating the challenges, inequalities, injustices and anxieties that exist in our individual and societal lives.


The inspiration for this year’s report had two sources - Alex Mahon’s (CEO) speech to the Channel 4 RTS Cambridge Convention and the highly controversial, and successful, Complaints Welcome campaign.

Each provided insights into the broadcaster's identity and focus, ‘to find the new and the unknown - the unheard voice, the unrecognised face and the untold tale - and then to give them a national platform and turn it into part of the mass market conversation’. ‘Too true’ became the report’s provocative theme, highlighting the many and varied opinions that people have thought and felt about the broadcaster’s programming - all of which it is unashamedly proud of.


Channel 4 unapologetically celebrates its remit through humour, experimentation and honesty. It exists to stimulate, provoke and take creative risks.

That means accepting – and embracing – oppositional voices. 2019’s “Complaints Welcome” talent campaign celebrated one of the things at the heart of Channel 4’s identity: challenging the way its viewers think about the world. We wanted to take its bold, cheeky, unapologetic theme further.

Four characteristics that shape the business were identified: Challengers, Champions, Creators, and Commercially Minded.

These create the framework that shapes the way Channel 4 works, including the types of programming it invests in, and the people and companies it works with.

Throughout the development phase of the report, key senior stakeholders were directly engaged in the visual process, ensuring it was a true representation of what Channel 4 is and its vision for the future. The many stages of development and adaptation allowed Emperor to consider and build a bespoke reporting document that delivered against the needs of Channel 4, its people and its stakeholders.


Working with Emperor to develop and produce this Annual Report for Channel 4 was a joy. The team was able to offer a fresh and creative approach that synched with our brand and helped us to tell our story in a uniquely Channel 4 way. The report itself has resonated strongly with the intended stakeholder audience and has had the desired impact. I’m proud of the work we have delivered together!

- JASON HESSE / Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, Channel 4 


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