Managing change in a life-changing business

Clinigen is a global pharmaceutical and services company: its mission is to deliver the right medicine to the right patient at the right time.


Clinigen operates across three areas of global medicine supply: clinical trials, unlicensed and licensed medicines. In a complex regulatory environment, it’s the only company to globally manage access to medicine across all three routes. 

As a rapidly-growing company, Clinigen found that growth has its challenges. Their brand was struggling to keep up with the business, while acquisitions were taking time to fully integrate.

The Clinigen digital estate had become muddled and unclear. Our objective was to bring back the simplicity and direct approach that sets this unique business apart.


Working to an ambitious timeline, we built an account team to get the right people engaged throughout the business. This included everyone from C-suite to divisional heads, working across functions, international teams and other agencies.

By integrating brand, digital and reporting, and making an extra effort to join-up stakeholders, we were able to make progress smoothly. This approach allowed us to clearly show the exceptional lengths to which Clinigen goes to achieve its mission.

Our digital-first approach to design helped to cut through different channels and devices. We prioritised bold, simple visual ideas, combining patient-focused imagery with an infographic style.  


Emperor is now an integral part of Clinigen’s marketing function. We’re proud to be actively managing its content strategy across ‘owned’ and ‘earned’ channels.

Our brand rationalisation process has brought clarity to the way Clinigen goes to market, and encompasses everything from the corporate website to business development presentations.

Our work around Clinigen’s employer brand, “The Clinigen Way”, is bringing offices together and helping to integrate Clinigen’s latest acquisition.

Behind the homepage, an animation we produced to promote Clinigen’s ‘Mission’ is now the second most popular page on its website. Visitor stats are showing a reduced bounce rate (down 20%), a reduced exit rate (down 15%), an increased visit duration (up 78%) and an increased number of page views per session (up 51%).


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