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Coats Group plc is the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of sewing thread and supplies. They wanted their online annual report to stand out and reflect their industry-leading experience.



Coats Group plc is a world-leading manufacturer, with a presence in over 100 countries.

Coats have a digitally-led reporting approach, requiring a succinct and engaging online summary to capture key messages from the printed annual report. For the summary, we needed to deliver a truly on-brand, industry-leading digital experience.  


We collaboratively reviewed the year’s highlights and agreed on the best work and products to link to Coats’ strategic pillars: innovation, sustainability, digital and acquisition. 

Coats chose two items that underpinned their story for the year, showcasing key progress in strategic sectors: Apparel & Footwear and Performance Materials.

The one-page summary included a montage of Coats footage, featuring products and people, overlaid with details on the Coats proposition.

We used stop-motion footage of a pair of jeans and a shirt made with Coats’ molten metal splash protective fabric to illustrate the Apparel & Footwear and Performance Materials segments respectively; this meant the items could move in 3D as the user scrolled through the page. We also created a highlights and strategy video, featuring CEO & CFO commentary.  


Feedback was hugely positive; the website significantly exceeded the original objectives. Page dwell time averaged at five times the previous average during the first few months post-launch. The report has been shortlisted at the Corporate & Financial Awards and the Digital Impact Awards, and we look forward to hearing the results later this year and in 2021.

The online report looks very impressive. The scrolling video works well, bringing an emotional and human aspect. It is a clear overview in terms of storytelling, giving all the highlights in an interactive, visual way.

Nichole Forder, Group Marketing Director, Coats Group plc



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