How do you fashion a stylish employer brand?

Proudly based in the UK, Crew Clothing Company specialises in casual wear, shoes and accessories, selling through stores and by mail order. The business had recently repositioned their internal brand as ‘True Crew’. To enrich this new positioning, they had worked to define their vision, roots and passion. 


Emperor were tasked with drawing all this together under an employer brand that would unite the workforce.

Ultimately, we’d be fostering a credible, purposeful and sustainable culture which would drive Crew people to deliver ‘True Crew’.

How do you create an employer brand that’s true to a company’s vision?


To explore the full meaning and relevance of the True Crew internal brand, we held a workshop with representatives from across the business.

This gave us a clearer picture of Crew’s vision and purpose, and helped us to define and articulate the values that enable the Crew team to deliver it.


We knew that it was vital for Crew that their people deliver their brand promise – so that the image of the business matched the experience of it. 

Our employer brand set the stage for this and provided the tools for the Crew team to go forth and deliver.

This brand would unite the workforce as one Crew and give clear direction to individuals and teams.

It would embed those values which inspire behaviours and lead to success. What’s more, it would help to create brand ambassadors and attract the right people to join them.


Emperor was an invaluable partner in bringing our employer brand to life. Although we had done a good deal of work on both branding and culture, we were unable to pull them together in a compelling way. Emperor helped us do just that. Visuals, words and presentation all surpassed my expectations and the whole project was a pleasure. Thank you Emperor!

- LOUISE BARNES / CEO, Crew Clothing Company

Our employer brand toolkit was full of key assets that could be applied to a range of online and offline communications. These included a brand identity, a tone of voice, and narratives describing employee behaviours. We also devised a colour palette for values, along with styles for typography, photography and iconography.

Not least, we produced a launch video and range of materials to demonstrate the employer brand in action. And to keep the momentum going, we took a phased approach to rolling out communications and environmental graphics.


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