When is it best to read between the lines?

Dow Performance Plastics is a major division of Dow, one of the world’s largest chemical businesses. The company prides itself on its collaborative approach, which runs through its entire value chain from manufacturers to brand owners.


Previously, the business had utilised traditional corporate brochures to communicate their way of working. It was felt that a new approach was needed to communicate the company’s value chain approach.

Consequently, we were tasked to find a more engaging way to deliver the message.

Rather than directly promote Dow’s products and solutions, we needed to take a more intelligent and indirect approach that would position the business as thought leaders.

How can the subtle way you tell your story make all the difference?


Our solution was to create an annual magazine that would contain editorial pieces around the world of packaging design.

While this would be subtly branded as Dow, our aim was to design an engaging piece of work with the look and feel of a quality newsstand publication.

The concept of talking about product so indirectly was completely new to Dow.

But by collaborating with them on every aspect of the creative and editorial process, we knew we would be able to deliver. With this in mind an editorial team was created from Emperor and Dow’s PR firm, FTI Consulting, with the client taking on the role of Chief Editor.


IN Magazine was launched at ‘K’ – the world’s largest plastics trade show. The response to the magazine was above all expectations.

It was seen as an important new direction for the business in terms of how it talks about itself and the solutions it offers.

IN Magazine is now in its third year of publication. It has won gold in the European Excellence Awards for Communications and over time has grown in size from 64 pages to 88 pages in issue 3.


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