The legal definition of a successful brand

Gillespie Macandrew are a highly-regarded, well-known law firm and estate agency group in Scotland. 



Gillespie Macandrew's leaders were championing a commercial mindset to transform the business into a modern, commercially-oriented organisation. 

The profile of the firm needed to reflect the dynamic talent of its legal experts and their breadth of specialist services.

There was also some confusion over the relationship between Gillespie Macandrew and Hunters Residential, their estate agency network.


We engaged with employees, clients and intermediaries to understand their needs and opinions in relation to the business and brand, looking for common themes and trends around current perceptions and aspirations.

We also worked in close partnership with Gillespie Macandrew's steering group to draw out the unique qualities of the business and a deep understanding of their audiences. 

Our findings revealed a company that is human and warm. A company with a can-do attitude that does not compromise on simplicity or clarity.

Armed with insight, we were able to articulate the Gillespie Macandrew proposition, and build communications that resonated with their audiences. We developed the website structure and content with the user experience in mind.

We rolled out the new brand across key materials, including residential property boards, advertising, brochureware and the Gillespie Macandrew legal services and residential websites, before launching to the business and intermediaries at events across Edinburgh.


We absorbed Hunters Residential into the new Gillespie Macandrew brand, to become the residential property division, creating a seamless online experience across functionality and form. An interim campaign communicated 'At Hunters, the only thing that's changing is the name', helping audiences make the connection between the two brands.

We brought Gillespie Macandrew's human element to life - highlighting how it meets clients' needs with empathy and experience - combining innovative services and legal expertise with a listening ear. 

This is a real step change in our approach and very widely welcomed. A really good outcome. Thanks again for all your effort (and flair).



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