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Greggs plc is a much-loved British food-on-the-go brand. Listed on the FTSE 250 and headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne, it has over 2,200 retail stores nationwide. We’ve worked with Greggs for over 10 years – and we’re as hungry as ever to help.

Greggs is an incredibly successful business. It has ambitions to double its sales over the next five years. In this year’s report, we highlighted Greggs' performance against its strategy and introduced a new five-year strategy in detail.

We communicated ambition and growth through corporate storytelling, bringing its growth journey to life within the pages of the annual report. Our focus was on producing content and creative that reflected Greggs' commitment to being a more sustainable business.

We made sure that the business was accountable to its stakeholders by reporting in a transparent way against 'The Greggs Pledge: ten things we're doing to help make the world a better place by 2025'.

So we got stuck in, advising on trends, best practice and a narrative that worked across sustainability, strategy, business model and stakeholder engagement. We also developed the design, using the same friendly tone while taking a more corporate approach to help the content stand out. The result is a bold, impactful and appealing report, engaging effectively with all audiences.

It felt like there was a really strong team to support at all levels. Day to day the team dealt with Katie and Sheona, but also tapped into Harriet's expertise, who supported us with ESG reporting. It was good having Sally involved - she gave guidance on how to further improve the order and flow for key areas of the report such as governance, stakeholder engagement. This was led by Emperor's expertise. There were lots of new things to cover, with TCFD reporting for the first time, the new strategy, so the handholding was appreciated and it was the best year yet.





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