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Hotel Chocolat is a strong British brand based on an ethos of originality, authenticity and ethics. It is also the UK’s leading luxury chocolate company, selling direct to customers through high street stores, online and via subscription.


Hotel Chocolat wanted to use the first annual report to communicate its brand to its new investor audience, to convey its values and its way of doing things differently.

Hotel Chocolat also wanted to use this opportunity to capture how it strives to deliver value to every stakeholder in an ethical and sustainable way.


The closer we got to Hotel Chocolat, the more we discovered that its core values of authenticity, originality and ethics are ingrained in its DNA.

The introduction of these values at the beginning of the strategic report provides an essential context and a clear introduction to stakeholders. The development of an infographic to portray the business model and the inclusion of a tasty-looking ‘what sets us apart’ section, all help to clarify Hotel Chocolat’s unique proposition. 


We have been impressed by the way the team took the time to get to know us as a company and discover our aspirations for our first annual report. Working together we were able to develop the most effective way to communicate our brand to a whole new audience. And with particular focus on our business model, we feel we have a report that very clearly shows our values and positions our business going forward.

- Matt Pritchard / CFO, Hotel Chocolat

The Hotel Chocolat brand is infused with case studies and powerful imagery to demonstrate an exciting and compelling story and a report that leaves you craving chocolate. A summary version of the final report was also produced and given to a particularly important stakeholder group - the Hotel Chocolat employees themselves! 


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