A deliciously authentic story

Hotel Chocolat is a strong British brand based on an ethos of originality, authenticity and ethics. It is also the UK’s leading luxury chocolate company, selling direct to customers through high street stores, online and via subscription.


Our journey with Hotel Chocolat began in 2016, working to develop their maiden annual report and create a strong framework for their ongoing reporting. With each subsequent report, our objective has been to show how the business has evolved, clearly conveying the story of one of our nation's most loved brands.

Hotel Chocolat's authenticity, originality and ethics are their essential ingredients. We made a point of introducing these values and putting them into context. We needed to ensure case studies and strong imagery continued to play a central role. (And as fellow chocolate lovers, we're more than happy to help tell their story.)


The closer we got to Hotel Chocolat, the more we discovered how the business strives to deliver value to every stakeholder ethically and sustainably.

From the beginning, we introduced their values to provide context to their new investor audience. We've also used infographics to portray the business model and included a 'what sets us apart' section, all to clarify Hotel Chocolat's unique proposition.

Through subsequent reports, we've conveyed the wider reach of the business. For example, we used bold clear imagery to demonstrate their digital proposition.

We continue to highlight the success and expansions of its stores through features such as a 360° pull-out spread. This invites the reader to put themselves within a store environment - a customer-focused approach that's aligned with the essence of the brand.


Our series of award-winning reports have enabled us to further detail the Hotel Chocolat brand and how we are successfully developing our business. Case studies and features show this in action and effectively showcase our success and future plans to investors.

- PRIYA SODHI / Finance Manager, Hotel Chocolat

The reports are infused with case studies and imagery that show how the business values its customers, growers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and local communities. It's a story to be proud of, which is why summary versions of these reports have also been distributed to everyone who works for Hotel Chocolat.


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