A journey towards a better future

InterContinental Hotels Group PLC (IHG) was poised to launch an ambitious 10-year responsible business plan, packed with commitments to make a positive impact on people, communities and planet. 

But first it needed its own powerful identity that was truly engaging and inclusive of all its stakeholders – as well as plenty of materials to keep the momentum going.

The plan had to resonate with holidaymakers, corporate guests, employees, investors, franchisees, partners and beyond. 

It had to convey movement, exploration and progress. Not least, it had to reflect a brand refresh and a new purpose: True Hospitality for Good.

Finding the right name for the plan was crucial. After some twists and turns, we arrived at ‘Journey to Tomorrow’. This inspired the way we crafted a forward-moving narrative and visual style.

To get everyone onboard, we created materials that helped people to feel they were embarking on a project they were part of. This included an animation, a launch pack for employees, a factsheet, guidelines, website content, presentation template and social media assets.