Meet Kikoo, the cool new brand

This brief was super cool: make Kikoo the leading sleep tech brand for people that overheat.

Kikoo is a game-changing mattress technology – it has a cooling ingredient that draws heat away from the sleeper instead of absorbing it. It’s totally unique.

“Release your heat to restore your cool” is the core of the brand’s positioning.

Using YouGov, we tested the brand concept with prospective buyers in multiple markets. The answer was resounding: ‘I want that’.

We brought the brand to life with copy for both their manufacturer audience, as well as the end consumer. Then followed a stylish logo, colour palette, Illustrations, iconography and 3D animation.

Through mood board exploration, we found the perfect way to visualise the power of natural cooling, all night long.

With a website brief to excite and inform, and using our deep understanding of the target audience, we created an interactive single-page overview. Coupling engaging experiences and intuitive navigation, the website helped to capture attention and encourage prospective buyers to get in touch.

I love the Emperor approach. They start from the ground-up, do their research and present great insight with a fresh take. The quality of the creative has been outstanding.



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