What does it take to stand out from the crowd?

OneSavings Bank plc is a FTSE 250 specialist lender and retail savings group. Through a unique operating model, it focuses on carefully selected sub-sectors. Following its successful Initial Public Offering in 2014, we were tasked with creating its first annual report as a listed entity.


To ensure the business stood out in a crowded market space, we needed to position it differently from challenger banks and high street players.

This would take clear and simple design, carefully articulated messages and a strong, coherent narrative.

How can you show that you’re unique in a crowded market space?


We set about explaining the business clearly, against a backdrop of tightening regulations.

So, through insightful case studies, we showed its niche position and recent investments in infrastructure and systems. These studies also reflected an unwavering focus on people and relationships.

Working closely with the bank’s Investor Relations team, we breathed life into their strategic report.

We followed best practice in terms of content and structure. Not least, we provided a tailored consulting service, along with proactive and flexible account management.

Along with the main report, we created an award-winning online summary. This presented financial highlights, the group’s brands, and the chief executive’s letter to shareholders – not to mention the company’s strategic framework and business model. We also left clear signposts to more in-depth information throughout.


As well as meeting all of the company’s reporting objectives, we added extra value by getting to the heart of the company’s strong investment identity.

By articulating its business model, strategy, vast market potential, and governance framework, we helped the company to stand out. What’s more, our online summary won the 2015 IR Society Award for Best Digital Reporting in the FTSE 250 category.

This project shows that we produce carefully considered work that tells a compelling corporate story. We continue to support this uniquely positioned company along its journey of sustainable growth and success. By combining the best in advice, creativity and delivery, we’re helping organisations to understand themselves better.


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