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Our Future Skies brings together a group of aviation industry stakeholders, coordinated by the Airspace Change Organising Group (ACOG), to raise awareness of the national programme of airspace change. As airports across the UK develop plans to modernise their airspace, ACOG has been tasked by the Department for Transport and Civil Aviation Authority to coordinate the delivery of key aspects of the UK’s Airspace Modernisation Strategy. 


Airspace is a critical part of the UK’s infrastructure and, like our roads and railways, must be improved to keep people moving as efficiently as possible. However, our ‘roads in the skies’ have not been updated since the 1940s.

With a national programme of airspace change underway, ACOG wanted to engage with a range of stakeholders to explain the need for change, and demonstrate the benefits that can be delivered by modernising airspace. As a new body, ACOG was also keen to explain their central role in coordinating the programme.


Broad engagement across all stakeholders was therefore vital; however, a review of the existing campaign site showed response and engagement lacking from audiences. 

The ambition was to present airspace modernisation as a critical national infrastructure programme that can deliver benefits to the UK, which airports could reference in their engagement and consultations with the public. 

We wanted to create something that felt modern and relevant, communicating what can be a dry, complicated - and at times, highly sensitive - subject in a bright and engaging way.


We began with a thorough review of the current site and a landscape audit of aviation regulators and brands across Europe.

The campaign was unique in that it needed to appeal to policymakers, politicians and influential lobbyists, through to business advisors, trade associations and the aviation industry, alongside the general public.

This initially posed a challenge regarding site navigation, channels and tone of voice. How do we appeal and communicate to such a wide and, at times, very niche audience?

Our strategy was clear – keep it simple. Given the complex set of stakeholders and different audience needs, at the start of the project there was much discussion around how to group the target audiences and their site journey.

However, following client-side internal testing, and learning from the previous site failures, we focused on delivering clear and powerful messages.


The site was launched shortly before the pandemic hit which has devastated the air industry. As a result the programme of airspace change is currently paused while airports focus on more immediate priorities.

However, the site is being used to keep stakeholders up to date on how airspace change will move forward following COVID-19 and was recently used to launch ACOG’s report on Remobilising Airspace Change in July 2020. The team at ACOG are really pleased with the site and feedback from airports and partners has been very positive. Seeing stakeholders linking back to the campaign site as a source of information and a reference point shows that it seen as an authoritative site that is helping to increase engagement levels.

Emperor has created a great new website that is really helping to bring the ‘Our Future Skies’ campaign to life. It is engaging and informative and simple to navigate. It will be central to the campaign and raising awareness of the case for airspace modernisation over the coming months and years.

Cheryl Monk, Head of Communications, ACOG



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