What does it take to join the top flight?

The principal objective of the Premier League is to stage football’s most competitive and compelling league. It’s unpredictable, exciting and many of the world’s best players and most famous clubs compete in it.


Our challenge was to create a corporate brand and major title sponsorship campaign that would attract a range of organisations to support the Premier League.

This is one of the most sought-after marketing opportunities aimed at leading global brands. It needed to be consumer facing, tie in with existing branding and have bags of personality. No small order.

How do you attract a diverse range of clients who are used to competing at the highest level?


We worked to create a brand that would engage and attract a range of sponsors from a variety of sectors.

To do this, we gained an understanding of what might attract each customer to work with the Premier League, and the opportunities that this would bring. Then we consolidated this content into a high-end pack tailored exclusively to appeal to the potential sponsor. 

Our ideas were as diverse as our target audiences, ranging from signed memorabilia to personalised football boots. But we eventually narrowed them down to a bespoke video, personalised website and brochure – all of which were packaged in a show-stopping box.

In a subsequent phase of the campaign, we delivered bespoke materials which targeted a shortlist of leading brands. The combination of personalised content combined with high-impact brand visibility reflected the Premier League’s dynamic environment.  


Thanks for all of your hard work with the sponsorship pack and website. I’ve had a lot of comments back from the brands we have approached saying how impressive it all looks. It’s definitely had the desired effect that we hoped for.

- CRAIG EDMONDSON / Head of Marketing, Premier League

Since delivering this project, a series of lucrative partnership deals have been secured with some of the largest global brands. This has put the Premier League in a very strong position to market the remaining sponsorship packages. The success of this strategy, together with the Premier League’s exciting new brand, ensures that there’s a powerful proposition in place for future materials.


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