How can integrated reporting catch up with runaway success?

As the consumer health market grows, so does RB.
This FTSE 20, mega-cap business is now the world’s
leading consumer health and hygiene company. 


Year on year, RB have consistently achieved the fastest growth in their sector. But when it came to the quality and delivery of their reporting suite, they were looking for a partner that could take them to the next level.

RB approached us to help produce annual reports and sustainability reports which would truly reflect the changes that had transformed and continue to transform the business.

How do you bring a more intelligent approach to reporting a transforming business?


RB were open to making big changes from year one. However, the timescales and corporate activities they faced at the time meant that a more measured approach was needed. We knew there was so much more to achieve than the delivery of improved annual and sustainability reports.

So for year two, we recommended the move towards an integrated report that would better reflect the company's positive social impact.

While encouraging RB to keep delivering two different reports (and an online-only data supplement), we combined their existing financial and sustainability strategies to develop one corporate strategy called ‘Better Business’. This now accounts for sustainability priorities as well as financial returns – and frames RB’s story in a more comprehensive, inclusive way.

This is an evolving process. Working closely with RB in all areas, we’re fostering a culture where everyone in the business can see the connection between their goals and those of their colleagues.

There’s still more to do, but integrated reporting has resulted in a positive and more fully realised flow of information for everyone.


I would like to say one big thank you on behalf of RB and the sustainability team for all your work and contribution in ensuring we ended up with a great report. It is our best report ever (not my words!). And of course, our integrated report with the integrated business model. Thank you for pushing this idea through, it is a great success with the business!

- MARIJA ROMPANI / Global Head of Corporate Sustainability

By combining RB’s financial and sustainability strategies into a single, corporate strategy, we showed that integrated reporting isn’t about putting everything into one huge, unwieldy document. It’s an intelligent process that allows a company to report on all aspects of business, at a depth that's relevant to all.

The rearticulation of RB’s strategies allows important messages to be exposed in a new light through their annual reports and sustainability reports. By helping them to understand how financial, operational and sustainability progress is complementary, we’re ensuring their reports are fulfilling their purpose effectively.


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