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Schneider Electric is a long established French brand with over 180 years of history and innovation. A member of the CAC 40 with a global presence in over 100 countries, Schneider Electric is the indisputable leader in Power Management and Automation Systems. The group aims to drive the world’s energy transition while contributing to making the planet more sustainable for all their stakeholders.


Schneider Electric wanted to improve the structure and content of their annual report in order to portray themselves as a dynamic, modern and global company, while highlighting their contribution to the planet.

Whilst the content of their annual report was rich and ticked all the right regulatory boxes, it suffered from repetition, contradiction and a lack of logical order.


We began by reviewing the existing content of Schneider’s annual report. We worked closely with Schneider’s finance, sustainability, legal affairs and brand teams to better understand their objectives. These findings allowed us to come up with a more logical structure supported by a more appealing design.

Focusing on the introductory chapters we established a clear structure from the offset allowing the reader access to more information in a logical order. A clear hierarchy of information adds structure to the report, while key existing content such as the company’s strategy and KPIs are now more visual to make them stand out and easier to read. A new business model has also been created to give a clearer sense of Schneider’s operations and objectives.

Digital is at the heart of Schneider’s activities and it was crucial to improve their online reporting presence.

To do so, an online summary report was created for the first time, re-purposing key content from the printed report. This single page approach enables accessible, well presented online content that is suitable for every device.

Supported by simple functionalities, it allows visitors to discover Schneider Electric while satisfying those wanting a very quick overview of the company and its annual report.


I would say that Emperor's greatest strength is their creativity and their ability to translate ideas and thoughts into practical improvements. Our report has become much more 'Schneider' as a result and is a great improvement. Valentin and the team are always on hand to help and this is much appreciated.

- VALÉRIE PUGNALONI / Schneider Electric


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