A matter of identity 

Modern, approachable, authoritative, vital – we worked with Schools Out to create a bold new look for an inspirational LGBT+ charity.

Schools Out is a UK-wide charity promoting LGBT+ education and advocacy across educational settings including schools, universities, museums and workplaces.

With a well-established and widely recognised sub-brand – ‘LGBT+ History Month’ – a lack of recognition for the ‘Schools Out’ and ‘Classroom’ brands became apparent. Working on branding and media campaigns on an ad hoc basis had resulted in inconsistent communications and a lack of overall brand identity.

Following a brand scan exercise, we developed a brand hierarchy, clearly demonstrating the relationship between Schools Out and its sub-brands.

Bringing this relationship to life, we developed a bold and bright new visual identity and clear guides and templates to make the brand accessible for all Schools Out employees.

A new modern, approachable and authoritative identity has been used to promote LGBT+ History Month 2023

This has resulted in positive brand recognition and a clear relationship between Schools Out and its sub-brands.  


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