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SmartestEnergy is a global energy company playing a vital role in supporting businesses to transition to net zero. 

An established player in B2B energy supply and services for independent generators, and with offices in the UK, US and Australia, it had plans for expansion but an outdated and inconsistent brand that didn’t live up to its strength, ambition and expertise. 

Our challenge was to develop a new positioning and identity that would elevate its role in the energy net zero transition in an authentic and equally powerful way in all markets, now and in the future.

Their combination of market leading insights, customer understanding and renewables expertise to enable the shift towards cleaner energy led to a new strategic positioning and identity focused on ‘empowering the transition’. A new proposition, ‘Empowering a greener generation’, and the ‘Smartest Switch’ brand marque have elevated their visual and verbal identity, and helped to globally align and power their brand and business. 

This docu-style film explores the work that went into the rebrand with voices from within Emperor and Smartest Energy. Built out of powerful soundbites and examples of the brand in motion, it’s a testament to the successful partnership we’ve established. 

The brand has launched across the world on multiple channels, as well as across their websites which are managed by Emperor. It signifies a new era for SmartestEnergy as it enters new markets. 


After lots of healthy debate addressing local market nuances, it was clear a complete rebrand was on the cards and Emperor led us through it thoughtfully, taking the time to get to know us and engage our global teams to deliver the end-to-end project. There wasn’t a brand-related question or task we couldn’t overcome without the support of their talented team. The whole process made us assess what it takes to walk the talk. So, with our new brand in place, we’re most excited about aligning around our vision and driving positive change in the energy system.





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