sustainable approach to reporting

SSE is an energy company engaged in the provision of energy and related services in the UK and Ireland. SSE has a unique portfolio of low-carbon assets, which it develops, owns and operates, meaning being sustainable is key to their business strategy. With expert knowledge in construction projects and a highly skilled team to navigate complex policy and regulatory issues, SSE’s purpose is to provide the energy needed today while building a better world of energy for tomorrow.


With plans to dispose of their Retail business, SSE were in the midst of a rebranding project, making plans for the annual report unclear.

The ultimate goal was to create a clean, functional report which exceeded best practice and felt neutral without taking away from the new brand or leading it in a different direction.

With a vision of being a leading energy company in a low-carbon world, SSE were keen to emulate one of their four strategic priorities of ‘Being sustainable’ with the production of the annual report.


With over 250,000 shareholders who each receive a printed Performance Summary, we recommended a Reports and Results centre to house all of SSE’s corporate material to drive people online with the ultimate goal of reducing the amount of copies needed for print and at the same time improving their digital reporting.

We began by focusing on the creation of the printed annual report before reappropriating this content online for the Reports and Results centre.

We wanted the user to have a seamless online experience from to the Reports and Results centre. After overcoming some technical challenges, the Reports and Results centre was fully integrated with their main site.


The impact of the new Reports and Results centre puts SSE ahead of the curve against their peers in terms of digital reporting.

It had over 1,000 unique visits and over 500 downloads of various documents on the day of launch.

The team at Emperor have reinvigorated our corporate reporting in the past seven years - taking us to an award-winning level in 2018, with bigger and better ideas for 2019... it's been an absolute pleasure to work with them.

- THOMAS NICOLL / Corporate Affairs, SSE