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Vitec equips photographers, broadcasters and content creators with the camera accessories they need to capture and share exceptional content. Their own corporate website didn’t fully reflect the company’s creativity and purpose. They approached Emperor to help them change this.


The Vitec website hadn’t been refreshed for some time and did not reflect its new corporate branding, premium brands, or the fact that it is a growing and innovative company that offers everything from mechanically-engineered products to electronics and software.

Clearly, we needed to show that Vitec is a leader in the image capture and content creation market. Just as importantly, we had to ensure that everyone who visited the site had a positive user experience befitting a technology-focused business.

Our mission was to create an enhanced user experience for all, a better visual window and to provide a scalable and robust platform that would enable development, analysis and content generation. The ultimate goal was to increase awareness and engagement for their key stakeholders, ultimately leading to higher revenue for the Group.


Vitec’s original strapline had been ‘Capture the Moment’. We encouraged Vitec to embrace their new version on the site: ‘Capture. Share.’ Building on this more active and direct proposition, we brought Vitec’s website to life through an engaging visual language.

Firstly, we restructured the site to support a range of user journeys. Then we introduced strong, exceptional imagery throughout to capture Vitec's products, Divisions, people and culture - and, given the very nature of the business, we actively encouraged Vitec to use photography taken by Vitec brand ambassadors. What's more, we used powerful case studies to share their strategy in a compelling way.

We are really delighted with the new website. It has transformed the Group's shop window and reflects Vitec as it is now - a diverse, innovative and growing technology company. Feedback has been universally positive and has helped to continue the company's transformation. From initial ideas, through project management and on-time delivery, the Emperor team has been faultless.

- JENNIFER SHAW / Group Communications Director, The Vitec Group


The website has been transformed from plain and perfunctory to fresh and inspirational. Vitec’s expertise in creating exceptional content is clear. 

By taking the essence of ‘Capture. Share.’ and filtering this throughout the website we were able to better capture the company’s values and proposition.

Since launch of the new Vitec website, employees are proud to act as ambassadors for the company website. The most visited sections of the Vitec website are the Investors section and the Products and Services sections – proving that stakeholders and website visitors are keen to see the breadth and depth of Vitec’s offering, and also have a keen interest in its growth story.


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