Using film to engage stakeholders

A picture can tell a thousand words and a film can demystify an entire corporate strategy. Film is an incredibly engaging way to reach an ever-growing range of interested stakeholders in company vision, performance and future plans. Whether for interim results, employee town halls, capital markets days or simply for the website to support strategy information, a film can be an incredibly valuable piece of communications.

Hotel Chocolat

A rich animation concisely telling Hotel Chocolat's story so far, showcasing their performance to date and the opportunity open to them in the future.


A stylish animation explaining their Building a Better Tomorrow sustainability strategy and what it means personally for each of their key stakeholder groups – communities, clients, people and workplaces.


A series of short films to engage new and existing employees with the business and each of the business unit's strategies post-merger.


A smart film mixing talking head shots, animation and bespoke footage to give a holistic view of BCA – their business, leadership team and prospects for the future.

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