Summer event series 2023: building business resilience

The world is changing faster than ever before. Geopolitical events, natural disasters, economic pressures and technology acceleration continue while stakeholder expectations, market dynamics, regulation evolve.

Companies are under a huge amount of pressure to adapt, respond and future proof their businesses and demonstrate their ability to create value for all stakeholders sustainably.

Our deep dive virtual webinar series will explore how businesses can proactively respond to changes presented by rapidly-evolving artificial intelligence (AI); increasing stakeholder expectations around climate action, social issues and equality; and new policies and regulation. We will look at the macro context facing business and identify ways that leaders can navigate the current uncertainty to ultimately do better business.  

Led by Emperor’s team of consultants and strategists, the series will share cutting-edge insight from our latest research into FTSE 350 and AIM 100 reports and address the most pressing questions we are being asked. Our network of experts and external speakers will get to the heart of the challenges of today and the opportunities they present. 

Register to attend below - you can select one or several events. 

17 May (12:00-13:00) Beyond the hype: leveraging content strategy for better business

According to the hype, ChatGPT (or generative AI) is here to tell our story of the year, report our results, launch that product, create a suite of leadership films, move into that new market and even manage our employee communications for us. If only 

During this webinar, we will look behind the curtain at generative AI to reveal that it is content strategy, not AI technology, that you need to communicate better, design better services and do better business. Our team of human experts will show you how a fit-for-purpose content strategy can help you sell more, be more competitive, retain your audiences, improve your reputation and make you an employer of choice. 

24 May (12:00-13:00) Strategic reporting: a long-term focus

In this webinar, we’ll explore the latest trends and developments in how companies are shaping the strategic narrative that sits at the centre of their corporate communications. We'll discuss themes and storytelling, purpose-led approaches, integrated strategies and robust reporting on risks and opportunities. Our expert panel will provide valuable insights to help enhance your reporting narrative and communicate effectively with your stakeholders through authentic and compelling communications.

7 June (12:00-13:00) Accountability: driving good governance practices 

Learn from industry experts about how governance structures and practices are evolving to drivgreater accountability for long-term strategy and value creation. During this session, we'll explore the latest changes in governance practice and how they are being reflected in corporate reporting. We'll delve into topics such as leadership narrative, board composition, skills and experience, ESG integration, stakeholder engagement and decision making. You'll gain valuable insights into how companies can effectively navigate the evolving governance landscape to drive long-term success.  

14 June (12:00-13:00) Environmental reporting: net zero, TCFD and nature developments

Join us for a thought-provoking webinar that explores the strategic importance of environmental reporting. We'll discuss how reporting networks have changed and how to effectively use SBTi. We'll present the latest insights into net-zero transitions and evolving TCFD reporting and delve into the latest developments in reporting on nature and its impact on organisations. Don't miss this opportunity to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and learn how to improve your environmental reporting practices. 

20 June (12:00-13:00) Beyond compliance: making social value meaningful 

There is growing recognition of the strategic importance of social issues in protecting and creating long-term value. But how do companies tell a meaningful story around their social activities? How do they demonstrate the impact of their activities and crucially how does this tie into their broader business objectives? During this event, our expert panel will look at the social issues that are top of the agenda right nowattracting and retaining talent, building a diverse and inclusive workforce, and employee engagement to explore how companies can develop a truly connected approach and reflect this in their communications. 

11 September (12:00-13:00) AIM small company reporting: navigating climate, diversity and communication strategies 

Our latest review of AIM 100 reporting provides a unique insight into the issues impacting smaller companies today and how these are addressed in their reporting and broader communications. During this event, we’ll explore a wide range of topics including the evolving landscape and building your corporate narrative; how companies are addressing climate change and TCFD; social issues, diversity and inclusion; and taking a cross-channel approach to your communications.   

For any queries, contact [email protected]. View our previous event recordings on our YouTube channel.


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