A day in the life of an apprentice

Posted in News on 11 February 2021 By Sasha Platt, Marketing Executive

The purpose of National Apprenticeship Week is to celebrate our apprentices, their successes and to raise awareness around the importance of recruiting young people into the workplace.

Here at Emperor, we pride ourselves on providing opportunities for young people within our team. We have always done our best to offer internships, work placements and work experience to as many young people as possible. Many of them have gone on to benefit enormously, either through impressing enough to be offered a full time role at Emperor, or in their studies or careers away from Emperor. However, we are conscious that a majority of the young people who have benefitted have been introduced to us via our Emperor network. This has led to a lack of diversity amongst that group.

In light of this, we collaborated with LDN Apprentices who recruit individuals from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. They’ve connected us with some brilliant young people, helping to kickstart successful careers whilst creating entry level talent development pathways for employers - and with diversity and inclusion at the heart of it all.

Callum Hender and Joshua Prempeh are our first recruits. They both shone through at an in-depth and multi-dimensional interview process involving ten candidates. Callum works with Kristine in our account management team and Joshua with Serena's digital support team. 

We caught up with Callum and Joshua to gain an insight into their respective journeys with us so far. Here’s what we asked and what we learnt: 

Emperor: What led you to apply for an apprenticeship?
Callum: After my experience at university, I came to the conclusion that my best way of learning was on the job. Whilst I loved my studies during my time in Portsmouth, I feel like learning whilst working allows me to become more involved, with both the company and my studies. The perfect balance of experiencing the workplace whilst still being able to complete my course is what sold me onto becoming an apprentice.
Joshua: I applied for an apprenticeship because I thought it would be the best option for me to develop my skills professionally and grow as a person. Furthermore, I think it was a good opportunity for me to kick-start my career and gain valuable experience at a young age.

Emperor: Why did you want to intern/work at a creative agency rather than at a corporate company?
Callum: I believe having the platform to express myself and the opportunities to give recommendations that can change the outcome of a piece of work is what drives me towards a creative agency.
Joshua: I wanted to work at a creative agency because I consider myself a creative person. I’m assigned a variety of tasks throughout the day, with the freedom to become successful and develop new skills.

Emperor: Tell us about your typical day - what kind of work have you been/are you doing? 
Callum: My typical day is very varied, which really helps to keep me focussed and see other parts of the business. On days that I’m not studying for my Business Admin course, I’m supporting my colleagues in any way that I can. This could be checking work and making sure all amends have been made, giving a second opinion/look at a project to ensure that it all looks correct or jumping onto a call to take notes so that everyone involved has something to reference to.
Joshua: During the day, my work involves client and admin tasks. The client work is definitely my favourite, as I’m able to engage with clients and build relationships with them.

Emperor: What skills do you feel you’ve developed during your time with us so far?
Callum: As a recent starter, I have been learning a lot on the job recently. I couldn’t thank the company enough for what I’ve learnt already, and I’ve got a long way to go yet! Working from home, whilst being difficult at times, has made me feel a new confidence in front of people on video calls, and I also feel that my listening skills have improved a lot more too. Being able to pick out the right information when there are a number of people talking can be difficult, but I feel myself improving more and more each day.
Joshua: The skills that I have developed so far are my communication skills, time-management and organisational skills.

Emperor: What do you hope to get out of your apprenticeship?
Callum: My goal in life is something everyone can relate to; I want to be happy where I work. An apprenticeship provides the experience of a working life and its community setting, and helps me to make my decision on what I do or where I go moving forward. Of course, the goal is to get to the end of my apprenticeship with a Business Admin course in my pocket, however, I feel the experience alone will greater my understanding of the business and the career I could have within it.
Joshua: I hope to continue to develop my skills at Emperor and grow as a person. Hopefully, by the end of the apprenticeship, I’ll be a very reliable person within the client support team and possibly manage my own clients in the future.

I'm passionate about our pledge 'We give youth a chance'. The apprenticeship scheme was the perfect opportunity for us to take on diverse young talent and allow them to gain valuable experience all whilst working towards a recognised qualification.

Serena Kouzos Client Support Manager



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