A step change in attitudes, a step change in disclosure

Posted in News and Reporting on 1 February 2022
By Claire Fraser, Head of Stakeholder Communications and Rachel Crossley, Director of Stakeholder Communications

Stakeholder expectations on climate change action are only going to increase. Right now, there is an opportunity to use the newly-raised bar to drive improvement in disclosures.

In 2021, COP26 and the accompanying media circus was the culmination of a year that saw greater scrutiny and higher expectations of companies in relation to climate change and climate action. Especially when it comes to disclosure.

We included a special commentary in Equiniti’s December Proxy Governance Update on this important step change toward climate disclosure, drawing on our extensive research of FTSE 350 and AIM corporate reporting to provide an overview of the important trends.

Alongside a breakdown of the key data that evidences a change in attitude, we set out the core principles for communication and six top tips for planning, smooth delivery and meaningful impact when it comes to climate change disclosure.

You can read the full piece on Equiniti’s website.

For more on the latest trends in reporting, you can download ‘The First 25: Navigating the sustainability odyssey’ (FTSE 350); or ‘Seeing a bigger picture’ (AIM 100).

If you would like to discuss this insight in more detail or discover how Emperor can help you achieve your communications ambitions, please get in touch with Claire Fraser, at [email protected], or Rachel Crossley at [email protected].


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