AIM 100 reporting: Seeing a bigger picture

Posted in White Papers, Reporting and Sustainability on 9 July 2021
By Rachel Crossley, Senior Reporting Consultant

Our latest research into AIM 100 corporate reporting finds more integrated and authentic storytelling, with a strong focus on the future.

This is an exciting time for AIM reporting.

The AIM market itself is booming and while the COVID-19 pandemic made 2020 anything but business as usual, companies have a chance to break free of the traditional focus on short-term financial performance. 

Meanwhile, sustainability has risen rapidly up the agenda, with issues such as climate change, employee wellbeing and diversity and inclusion now key areas of focus for investors and other stakeholders.

In our latest review of AIM 100 annual reporting, we have identified the following six key trends:

  1. Holistic storytelling

  2. Future-focused reporting

  3. More show, less tell with performance

  4. Taking sustainability seriously

  5. Governance disclosure remains static

  6. Changing audiences, familiar channels

We have seen a number of companies grasping these opportunities and making real progress in their disclosure and our research highlights the most interesting examples of good practice we have seen this year.

Stakeholder expectations, including those related to the planet and society, are changing how companies communicate. It’s now about seeing a bigger picture – and taking a joined-up, long-term approach to disclosure, articulating a compelling and authentic corporate narrative with clarity and consistency, across a whole network of communications.

If you would like to discuss our findings in more detail or discover how Emperor can help you achieve your communications ambitions, please get in touch with Jenni Fulton, at [email protected], or Rachel Crossley at [email protected]



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