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Posted in Events on 7 October 2020 By Molly McKinnel, Marketing Executive

Our online seminars have offered support both in the short-term delivery of your communications priorities, and longer-term food for thought as we emerge from the current pandemic to a changed world.

Past events:

Are you getting your story straight? Realising the value of an authentic corporate narrative

The challenges of the past few months have given many businesses both the opportunity – and in many cases the need – to question and scrutinise what their businesses stand for and how they are positioned. We looked at what communicators should be expecting of their corporate narratives and what to do if they have been found wanting.

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Planning for your year end reporting

We joined the London Stock Exchange, CtrlPrint and the FRC to discuss planning your year-end reporting to reflect recent trends and the essential best practices. Speakers covered all aspects of year end reporting and how developments throughout 2020 have affected this. 

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AIM: Beyond compliance to more authentic reporting

We shared the findings, key trends, and best-in-class examples from our review of the December year-end AIM 100 annual reports. The session looked at the hot topics for 2020 reporting and gave tips on how to enhance your reporting to communicate a compelling and cohesive corporate narrative.

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S172: Successful reporting

We've recently undertaken research into Section 172 (s172) and stakeholder reporting and, as you may know, in July, the Financial Reporting Lab launched a project on stakeholders and s172. The initial stage of the project explored how companies have approached s172 statements and investors’ perspective on such statements.

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Back to business with resilient comms: Getting on the front foot for the future

The manner in which businesses have communicated throughout the past months has had a dramatic impact on both reputational and commercial outcomes. Through resilient IR and coherent communications, many have created clarity, built resilience and catalysed positive change.

Hosted by London Stock Exchange Issuer Services, Emperor, Equitory, Naked Wines Plc and Gattaca Plc discussed the lessons learned over the past six months and how these are shaping the key messaging requirements for 2021 and beyond. 

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Recordings from our 'Keeping communications out of lockdown' event series are available to watch on our Vimeo Showcase page.


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Keeping communications out of lockdown

Over this period of uncertainty, we have taken the opportunity to provide intimate sessions for clients. These covered a range of topics to support our clients both in the short-term delivery of their communications priorities, and longer-term food for thought for when we emerge from the current pandemic to a changed world.

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Event: Good for all

Recognising the powerful impact of D&I on individuals, businesses and the community.