BIMA Conference 2020

Posted in Digital News on 4 December 2020 By Cam Gunn, Head of Digital

In a pre-COVID world, we had already identified digital and sustainability as key growth drivers for the new decade. As we slowly start to emerge from lockdown, it’s clear these propositions are accelerating at an even faster pace than anticipated. 

Our team attended the annual British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) conference, ‘Lessons from the Future’, which brought together the good and great from the digital industry to listen to and discuss some of the biggest challenges and trends facing the world.
BIMA is the largest UK membership body that represents the digital industry, with the mission ‘to drive innovation and excellence across the digital industry’. As BIMA members, we are connected to a vibrant, innovative network of like-minded people who are driving the future of digital. Over the past year, we have been actively involved in the BIMA community by working with a local school on the BIMA Digital Day, as judges in the BIMA 100 and across various sessions, such as the AI, diversity and senior leaders roundtables. 

The conference explored the technology that’s powering the digital transformation of society; where ethics, data and security have not been up to scratch and what we can learn; the role of digital in empowering growth and helping to build back better. Alongside this, there was the opportunity to meet pioneers and innovators that are taking positive action by learning from the past.
Speakers from NASA, Google, TikTok, SNAP, NHSx, UK and Scottish Governments, were joined by Dame Stephanie Shirley CH, Benedict Evans, Cori Crider, Jamie Bartlett, and Dr. Margaret Heffernan.
After the session, we got together as a team to talk about what we’d heard and some of the themes over the two days. These were the key takeaways for us:

COVID-19 has hugely accelerated the digitisation of UK companies. Our ability to continue to do business and work from home has been underpinned by investments in technology, infrastructure and digital skills. It’s also forced more boards to accelerate their digital transformation plans as the impact of COVID continues.

Public scrutiny on data, security and ethics in a digital world has never been higher. The size and impact of tech giants (Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft) on our lives and their contribution to a more connected yet divided society is something that legislators are beginning to take a serious look at. Public trust in these groups impacts the entire digital industry.

Digital innovation is still key to a lot of organisations as they look for new propositions and ways of doing business that unlock value. Technology and culture are central to this, but don’t forget the positive impact that an innovative and attention grabbing digital experience can have on your stakeholders.
As an increasingly digitally-focused business, we really value our involvement with BIMA. Interacting with other industry experts and pioneers helps keep us on the cutting edge of innovation, as we encounter new ideas and new solutions to the challenges affecting us all. Ultimately, this insight helps us offer better services to all our clients.
If you are interested in finding out more, 
BIMA membership is available for individuals and organisations of all sizes, including in-house and client teams. The Brand Council and their research around brand and agency relationships ensures that the full breadth of digital perspectives is represented in the group.


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