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Posted in Sustainability on 3 May 2018 By Dan Jones, Sustainability Consultant

In our constantly changing world, the challenges faced by companies are diverse, broad and ever-shifting. 

Driven by increased regulation, public policy debate and stakeholder demand, there’s increasing pressure on companies to show how they are taking action on social and environmental matters.

And taking action, they are. According to research from KPMG*, 93% of the world’s 250 largest companies now produce a sustainability report, and the trend is on the up. The proliferation of digital technology is becoming a key driver in this surge, opening up new avenues for companies to share information in new and engaging ways.

In 2017, we worked with corporate travel services giant CWT to bring together digital and reporting to show their sustainability activities in action. Whilst helping produce CWT’s best-practice Responsible Business report, we took the best elements of the story, strategy and approach to create a crisp and engaging digital platform.

The stand-alone site now acts as a hub to hold CWT’s sustainability content and features an interactive PDF report to create a more engaging and navigable detailed report.

Here are three key steps CWT used to bring its reporting to life:

1.  Know your audience
CWT were clear from the outset about targeting the report at its people to inspire them to fly the flag for Responsible Business. Having a clear understanding of this audience at all stages of the project helped inform what content to focus on, how to positon it and why.

2.  Break it down
Too often reporters think their job is done as soon as they’ve put the PDF up on their website. Recognising that different people care about different parts of their approach, CWT broke the report into separate sections and created a clear overview on the reporting hub, to help people find what they were looking for quickly and easily.

3.  Make it personal
CWT sourced all of its ‘We live…’ case studies directly from its people to show the individual actions they are taking to build a Responsible Business. These engaging stories help to inspire action, whilst giving the report a more human feel.

CWT’s Responsible Business Report and digital hub can be found at:


* The KPMG Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2017


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