Celebrating 3 years of Employee Ownership

Posted in News on 7 February 2023 By Victoria Sugg, Co-CEO

Just three years on from our announcement that we were becoming employee owned, it's incredible to hear how it is now understood by our partners and embedded throughout our business. You can hear first hand from our partners in the video below.


Hearing Emperor partners using adjectives like ‘proud’, ‘wanted’, ‘equal’ and ‘heard’ when describing what employee ownership means to them strikes right to the very heart of what our founders Steve Kemp, Noel O'Connor and Kingsley James wanted to achieve in what was then an industry-leading change. 

We see the positive impact employee ownership brings every day, 

  • in the special initiatives our partners proactively originate to us
  • in how our partners bring everything they have to their roles 
  • and in the quality of the thinking, creativity and delivery that our clients experience as a result.  

Every person at Emperor is collectively responsible for our continued growth and success. Together we are creating a truly sustainable legacy business. A business where our people will continue to grow and which is fiercely protective of our special culture; where there is a clear direction, a sense of purpose and we consistently create great work. 

If you would like to understand more about our experience as an employee-owned business or any element of selling to an employee ownership trust, do not hesitate to get in touch with me, Cameron Gunn or Emperor Director, Kingsley James, who is on the board of the Employee Ownership Association.




Employee Ownership Day

Employee Ownership Day 2021 was on Friday and is a national celebration of employee ownership. It was in January 2020 that Noel, Kingsley and myself sold 70% of the business to an Employee Ownership Trust. Having built a successful business with a strong and supportive culture, we decided a possible future transaction that potentially compromised what had been built did not appeal to us. We wanted to keep Emperor’s destiny in its own hands.


Emperor becomes employee owned

Nearly 25 years after we opened our doors, Emperor is transitioning to be an employee-owned business.