Communications is a two-way dialogue 

Posted in News on 17 November 2021
By Steve Kemp, Chief Executive Officer

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After this period of upheaval and as we start re-setting our ways of working, I don’t think that there is a business out there that hasn’t challenged at least one of the above. It’s certainly keeping us busy as we near the end of a bumper first quarter. But keeping stakeholders up to date and engaged with these evolving elements adds another layer of complexity to the challenge.   

Engagement is a term we use a lot to describe our work here at Emperor. But what exactly do we mean by it?  
Well, it reflects the changing balance of communications we have seen over the past few years, from pure compliance disclosure (which still had a crucial role) to meaningful discussion and activation. Creating a connection with audiences to turn communications into a two-way dialogue.  
This idea influences everything we do – because all of our work with clients benefits from engagement at the other end of the channel. Whether creating a new brand for a business, launching a sustainability strategy or investor proposition, providing an update on progress over the past year or outlining plans for the future, the ultimate aim is to create engagement.  
Our Insights team works diligently to advise clients on the best ways to achieve this. Their knowledge is garnered from countless projects with companies in a hugely diverse range of industries, of different sizes and strengths, facing different challenges and opportunities. A key part of their work is processing this information into valuable and practical advice that our clients can take away and use to make a difference (with or without our help).  
I wanted to draw your attention to some of the great stuff we’ve released over the past months, alongside a few snapshots of our recent work that I’m proud to share – hopefully there is something of use, or maybe a spark of inspiration, for everyone reading this. 

SSE powering change
An innovative call to arms for climate action and our first live piece of COP26 related campaign work. Produced in partnership with the Drum. 

Taking values beyond promises
How we can ensure company values are more than empty buzzwords and instead have a real and lasting impact. 

Greiner - if not us, who?
Greiner’s first sustainability report and communications are focused on employees, showcasing how everyone helps to create a more sustainable pathway and how each part of the value chain plays a role in sustainability. 

AIM 100 reporting: Seeing a bigger picture
Our second piece of research into AIM 100 corporate reporting finds more integrated and authentic storytelling, with a strong focus on the future. The importance of telling an integrated story is more apparent than ever. 

Fighting for the future of our rivers
We’ve helped the Rivers Trust with some campaign and video work to raise awareness of the scale of pollution impacting rivers, and the solutions needed. 

Can we weather the climate storm?
As warnings about the climate crisis get increasingly stark, this autumn’s COP26 represents an opportunity for decisive action. 


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